Adrienne Anbinder


    As a child, I was mesmerized by the colorful floral images that my mother used to paint. I didn’t realize that those fanciful flowers would eventually find their way into my bones, creating in me a deep connection to nature, and an intense desire to capture its mysteries.

    ––Adrienne Anbinder

    Adrienne Anbinder, a fine art photographer, makes deeply sensual still-life photographs of flowers. She is enthralled with all things that bloom, believing that a flower can teach us how to love. Anbinder’s ethereal photographs are often mistaken for paintings, when in fact they are digitally painted and manipulated, revealing depth and animated light. Anbinder’s delicate flowers mystically emerge as if lifting off the page, fully and vulnerably, beckoning the viewer.  

    Born and raised in Brooklyn, Anbinder’s mother painted murals of flowers across nearly every wall of their home. Her home always smelled of oil paint. A true New Yorker, Anbinder studied at The School of Visual Arts and The Art Students League. Her passion for floral photography bloomed when she worked as an Art Director to produce a nationwide floral campaign for Goodness Magazine. She has been photographing flowers for the past ten years, citing the flowers of Georgia O’Keefe and the still-lifes of the Dutch masters as inspiration. Anbinder’s work is also informed by the chiaroscuro of Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio, a 17th-century Italian painter who illuminated large foreground subjects against heavily darkened backgrounds to achieve a high-contrast, dramatic effect. Six years ago, Anbinder moved to Serenbe, a progressive arts and wellness community outside of Atlanta. This experience inspired a deeper exploration of spirituality in her work, which often includes nature mandalas and memoir.

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