Danielle Siegelbaum


Who is right, who is wrong, and who are you to judge?

––Danielle Siegelbaum 


Danielle Siegelbaum is a Paris-born, Philadelphia-based mixed-media artist. Using acrylic, wood, linocuts, photography, and an array of surprising objects on large-scale canvases, she creates an intentional chaos. Siegelbaum’s work is deeply enigmatic, layered with shapes, pictograms and symbols from multiple cultures. She examines cultural globalization through layered visuals, hoping to encourage non-judgmental thinking. Siegelbaum also explores themes of family, love, sex, ego, and social dysfunction through contrast and contradiction.

Siegelbaum runs on endless curiosity and energy, always driven towards her next project. She has been painting since childhood, but before becoming a full-time artist, she worked as a Textile Designer and Illustrator. Siegelbaum studied Fashion Design at the L’Atelier mode Fleuri Delaporte in Paris, developing a passion for patterns. Her current work reflects this deep technical design skill, most notably in its careful  composition of color and attention to aesthetic detail. Siegelbaum is influenced by the Dada and Pop Art movements, specifically citing Miró and Erro. As a socially-conscious investigator with deep interest in humanity itself, she also draws inspiration from anthropologist Claude Lévi-Strauss. Her art is about being fluid and spontaneous, unapologetically emotional, anything but conceptual.

At its core, Siegelbaum’s work tells stories that speak to a collective consciousness. Her esteemed work has appeared in publications like the New Yorker, Elle, Cosmopolitan, and Marie-Claire; her paintings have been exhibited in Paris, New York City, and Philadelphia. 

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