Varsity 2 A-C
Varsity 2 A-C

Varsity 2 A-C

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  • Varsity 2 A-C
  • Dana De Ano (United States)
  • Triptych painting made of acrylic, graphite, fabric & thread on printmaking paper 
  • Metal frame in a brushed German silver included
  • Size: 27.25 W x 34 H x 2.5 inch each, set of 3

Dana De Ano is a Chicago mixed-media artist creating fiber-based minimalist abstract work as she arranges reclaimed materials and paper to form a gorgeous textured landscape. This atmospheric collection of what is left behind––discarded plastics, scrap fabrics and ordinary throwaway textiles–– emerge from the white paper as multi-dimensional drawings. De Ano cites contemporary female artists like Tara Donovan, Elizabeth Neel, Judy Pfaff, and Nancy Rubins as major boundary-pushing inspirations, artists who “would have once been children that colored outside the lines”.