Zachary Weber


"Making art is generating the potential for further understanding within oneself."

- Zachary Weber

Living and working in Chicago, IL, Zachary Weber (b.1997) draws endless inspiration from the aesthetic, political, and conceptual conditions the city and his studio offer. Weber received his BFA from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago (2021), and since has engaged with concepts ranging from process-centric to traditional modes of making. Using a spirited and conservative interplay of color, form, and space, his ceramic works (most notably his Seedling series (2022-) represent exchanges of chaos and control in the pursuit of balance and unity. Weber removes and later attempts to integrate pre-existing materials into a more generous sum. His Bouquets series (2022-) are viewed as distilled attempts at finding new spaces to generate awareness. Cutouts from walled vessels, often referencing simple geometries, are reintegrated upwards, and carefully negotiated into a visual harmony. “Light acts as a medium by which one can view the surface but also the interior", Weber explains regarding his practice as a whole. The artist’s Smiley Vase works (2022-) depict gleeful and often tearful expressions spray-painted onto porcelain amphoras. Weber has had the opportunity to exhibit nationwide, including at The Hamptons Fine Art Fair (2022), Art Center of Highland Park (2021), and Art Miami (2022). He is collected both nationally and internationally.