Anton Bakker

    “As a sculptor creating digital and physical forms, I strive to take the viewer on a journey of truth-discovery by asking them to engage with various perspectives.”
    - Anton Bakker

     Anton Bakker is a contemporary artist situated at the intersection of sculpture and digital technology. Growing up in the Netherlands, Bakker had a passion for computer science. At the suggestion of a friend, he met celebrated mathematician and artist Dr. Jacobus “Koos” Verhoeff. This chance meeting over a shared passion for technology ended up turning into forty years of artistic partnership. Working in tandem, Bakker and Koos dove into the digital possibilities of complex molecular shape. Dr. Koos, happened to professionally know and personally counsel famed artist M.C. Escher in mathematics––a connection which ultimately injected the spirit of Escher into Bakker’s work.

    After moving to the U.S., Bakker began working in computer technology. His career eventually required relocation to Paris, where he resumed working and exhibiting with Koos. Not only balancing his two interests, but merging the two, Bakker began applying technological knowledge––3D printing, virtual reality, pattern analysis––to his scientific sculptures.

    After the death of Koos, Bakker sold his business and set out to create art full-time. Today, with the help of custom-built digital technologies, Bakker identifies lattice points that lay out interesting paths. These curved and polyline paths, which transform with perspective, are paths to truth: patterns derived from nature itself. Through these complex natural symmetries, Bakker infiltrates the psyche, urging us to consider the multiplicities inherent in all things.

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    7 products