Art is my means of creating beauty out of ashes. Like the grace of a flower that comes from dirt , my work is brought to life by old worn out street posters. What is usually thrown away is what I see true loveliness in.

    ––DAIN, Painter

    The street artist known only as DAIN is one of the most prominent and influential talents to emerge from New York City in decades. DAIN delights and captivates with his unique juxtaposition of the hard, masculine aesthetics of graffiti with collaged scraps of advertisements and feminine black and white photographs of women who recall the romance of vintage Hollywood. Whether creating on the street or in his studio, DAIN combines acrylic, photography, wheat pasting, spray paint and collage to produce a sexy artwork that breathes both glamor, edge, and seduction. DAIN’s colorful, charismatic style contrasts with his quiet persona – this mysterious artist doesn’t reveal his real name, or talk openly about his work, allowing the art to speak for itself.

    Truly distinctive among street artists today, DAIN has put in the time to cultivate his craft. Since the 1980s, this Brooklyn-born street artist has been hard at work musing city life with his street work now found throughout the boroughs. A self-taught painter, DAIN’s signature touch is the notable tagging with a ‘circle and a drip’ of just one of the eyes of his subject. When approaching a piece, DAIN first selects black and white images inspired by the mystique of bygone femininity. He then layers his primary images with additional smaller images like vintage advertisements and found paper fragments. Only at the end of his process does he pick colors to render a portrait in acrylic and spray paint.

    DAIN’s work can be found alongside Banksy’s in the permanent collection of the Urban Nation Museum for Urban Contemporary Art in Berlin. He has been exhibited in collectives and solo shows in New York, London, Paris, Rome, Miami, and Australia. DAIN has partnered with large fashion brands like Puma and Coach for public mural projects.