Hessam Abrishami


    Iranian artist Hessam Abrishami’s creative ingenuity knows no bounds––from painting to drawing to sculpture, Hessam has established himself as one of the world’s greatest living artists. His style, reminiscent of modern masters Picasso and Cézanne, has captivated art enthusiasts for decades. Hessam’s flowing figures, dancing brushstrokes, and masterful use of color coalesce to depict an honest version of intimacy, one that pushes and pulls between subjects and the viewer.

    Hessam was born in Shiraz, Iran, a town located in the ancient center of the Persian Empire. At age 15, he was encouraged by a teacher to paint, and almost immediately developed an obsession for the arts. He left his home country in his twenties to explore this passion and push boundaries, going on to receive classical training and his MFA from Accademia di Belle Arti in Italy. Hessam achieved almost immediate success in Italian shows and was even accepted to a group show at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Tehran. Hungry to be in the center of the art world, he moved to Los Angeles in 1984. Hessam’s works, which he describes as Post Modernist and Abstract Expressionist, have become more than a collection of individual pieces -- they represent a legacy, built on raw passion, determination, and innovation.

    In his 50 year career, Hessam Abrishami has exhibited in hundreds of solo gallery shows and countless group exhibitions. His work can be found in public and private collections all over the world, as well as on the covers of several Ivy League sociology and psychology textbooks. In 2007, Hessam was given the "Key to the City" of Ormond Beach, Florida, where his work is currently displayed in the Museum of Arts and Sciences. Most notably, March 24th, 2007 was officially designated “Hessam Abrishami Day".



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