Born in Kent, Jack Frame moved to Glasgow after attending The Kent Institute of Art & Design, to further his studies at the prestigious Glasgow School of Art - graduating in 2007 with a sell-out show.

    Jack’s success started very early on. He was noted as one of the most collectable young artists in the UK after receiving the GSA Painting award and the Prize for Landscape Drawing. In 2009 he was a winner of the Jolomo Landscape Art prize. While an artist-in-residence at The Lomond School, he was included in the BBC Documentary ‘Glasgow Boys’ exposing his work to a wider audience.

    His work has been described as being rooted firmly in the landscape tradition, his paintings, drawings and use of mixed material capture a world in a vivid, intense and dramatic way. Jack Frame is most noted for his striking depictions of trees and sky, which have haunting grace and real solemnity. The use of metal leaf throughout his practice has become a distinct component of his unique style.

    "I guess in the way Rembrandt kept returning to self-portrait, as a means of charting the passage of time, I keep going back to trees as a way of understanding the world" he explains.

    His work is included in many renowned public and private collections including the Standard Life building, Glasgow School of Art Mackintosh building, and Friends of GSA. His patrons include Muriel Gray, Mathew Bellany from the Band Muse, and Kate Hudson among others.