Lau Blou


“The act of creating is like breathing: it’s vital for me.”

––Lau Blou, Painter

Growing up near the banks of the Loire river in France, abstract expressionist painter Lau Blou fell in love with the warm colors and softness of her natural surroundings. Her abstract paintings hint at landscapes, textured with paper and fabrics, gold and silver leaf, acrylic, and glazes. In her works, Lau Blou finds a masterful balance between chaos and negative space.

As a child, the artist recalls an obsession with the figure of the home, spending lots of time drawing houses. Lau Blou went on to study applied arts (with strong training in aesthetics and graphic design) with the intention of becoming an interior designer, but her love of working with her hands eventually moved her to become a full-time French painter. Lau Blou is inspired by the textures of life––culture, storytelling, and the geometry of the land––all of which she transcribes onto canvas abstractly. She describes her paintings as poetry––ripe with emotion and character; her signature reds and blues transport and mystifies. Lau Blou now devotes her life to painting and divides her time between sports and arts associations in Chambéry, France.  She regularly exhibits in Europe, and Asia, with prizewinning works found in private collections worldwide. 

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