Tanner Valant


    "Through the creation of hyperrealistic art, I explore the contrast of beauty and distortion which reveals the duality of human nature."

    – Tanner Valant

    Tanner Valant creates hyper realistic, unexpected image pairings: fish swim around M.C. Escher reflective spheres; hands appearing to drip with paint hold bonsais; classical busts are doused in mercury-like liquid. These strange combinations challenge the viewer to explore Valant’s themes of balance, duality, and our interactions with the world using darker mystical elements jarring us into contemplation.

    At 18 years old, Valant is an emerging artist currently attending the Art Institute of Chicago. He uses color pencils, black and white detail pens, airbrushes, and markers to achieve an unbelievable precision in detail. As his work and technique evolve, Valant hopes to engage critically with our changing society through familiar objects, placing ‘us’ or society in his pieces.