Timothy van Oorschot

Timothy Van Oorschot (1989, The Netherlands) studied fine art and advertising and eventually started working in the interior design world. However, he was later drawn to the past when he was creating with only pen and paper without thinking too much, and he began to reflect on his identity as an artist.

He does not believe in perfection, and instead adopts a more open view of beauty and rejects the fear of failure and the idea of ​​rules and boundaries. He tends to work quickly and execute movements in a way that leads to imperfection, as this is wherein lies the unexpected.

He wants to return to his roots, and therefore mainly works with black and white colors. He is drawn towards painting faces, as the face is the part of us that expresses the most emotions, since it tells a lot without saying a word. His faces of him are often 3D creations and allow him to explore the theme of identity, by representing faces as both thoughts and masks that hide our true selves.

He considers his work to fall into the category of “naive brut” and doesn't see himself as a painter or an artist but rather as someone who is reflecting on and expressing his own identity and experiences.