I paint to give this world moments of positivity and serenity that help us face everyday life with a smile.”
– Carlo Trevisan

A painter and poet, Carlo Trevisan was born in Cesena, Italy. He went to school in Sansepolcro, and studied at the University of Pisa. 

The artist creates work which he describes as ‘clean, minimalist, simple, and immediate’. Trevisan works tightly and intentionally, depicting isolated objects and characters against simple balanced backgrounds. His oil paintings are reminiscent of a pleasant dream; they are silent, warm, non-sensical yet perfectly convincing. Trevisan’s fantasy reality is one you immediately want to be in.

Trevisan studied engineering before deciding to become a full time artist in 1990. His perfectly balanced surrealist compositions are both accessible and puzzling. Ultimately, Trevisan aims to inspire love and positivity.  

His multi award-winning works are regularly exhibited throughout Europe, the U.S., and Asia.