Boxed In. Black and  white painting by TImothy von oorschot
Boxed In
Boxed In

Boxed In

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  • Boxed In
  • Timothy van Oorschot (Netherlands)
  • Ink on handmade paper
  • 33" x 26"
  • Custom black framing under museum-quality glass 

Timothy van Oorschot considers his work to be "expressionist, raw and naive." He constantly asks himself questions about his identity and creates faces that form their own universe with their own gaze. His big question of the moment is, "Who am I?". He tries to answer it by looking at himself in the mirror and expressing himself through his work. These are not self-portraits but rather expressions or emotions. "We all have faces. We are united; we must face what is important and leave our ego aside. I would like people to recognize themselves in my paintings, to feel the emotion that emanates from them”. He is inspired by Cobra art, where natural expression is central. Through an intuitive painting, he tries to confront himself, without thinking, following his instinct. He works mainly with ink and acrylic paint to create a single continuous line.